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YMS-16M 1/100 XAMEL

YMS-16M 1/100 XAMEL

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A prototype heavy mobile suit created near the end of the One Year War, the Xamel was armed with a foldable 680mm cannon, an 8-tube missile launcher, and a 20mm vulcan. In terms of its shape, it resembled a self-propelled artillery gun more than a mobile suit. Despite its cumbersome appearance, however, it was surprisingly mobile thanks to the thermonuclear jet engine on its legs and rear skirt, allowing it to achieve a cruising speed of 220 km per hour, rivalling the YMS-09 Prototype Dom. As with the MS-09F/Trop Dom Tropen, its engines were fitted with desert-use air filter. It was also known as "Merser Kanone".

The Xamel had a two-seater cockpit, with the pilot at the front and the gunner at the back. The pilot could also serve as the gunner if necessary. The cockpit was located right behind its monoeye. Other than the addition of the gunner console, this cockpit was identical to the Second Phase Production Type cockpit implemented during the United Maintenance Plan.

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