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XFS HG 1/144 Gundam TR-6 [Wondwort] Psycho Blade Custom (A.O.Z RE-BOOT Version)

XFS HG 1/144 Gundam TR-6 [Wondwort] Psycho Blade Custom (A.O.Z RE-BOOT Version)

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The TR-6 Woundwart details have been updated with new modeling parts. The head part is characteristic of the Psycho Blade, and the new parts have been renewed to match the picture setting with the design. In addition, the specifications of the head and leg parts have been updated to match the styling and color reproduction. All new models except for the twin eye on the head. Updated shape & detail to match your setting drawing Psycho blade detail is also detailed. Psycho Blade Legs: The internal frame structure of the thigh is renewed to match custom color patterns. Projected image for closer proportions You can also reproduce the black hair region specification by selecting the parts. ● Update expandability by changing parts specifications and optional additions; Updated internal thigh frame and new joint parts are added to increase extensibility. You can enjoy rebuilding the Barzam (A.O.Z RE-BOOT version), etc. TR-6 Woundwart Black Hair Region specifications; Choose your head and leg parts to recreate a custom psycho blade or black hair region specifications. In the Black Hair Region specifications, you can recreate the MA form of a set illustration by using the new MA transformation parts. MA Mode: The connecting parts used for transformation can be renewed and can be transformed in a style with the front wings left to match the shape of the set. 

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