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Premium Bandai RE/100 Efreet Schneid

Premium Bandai RE/100 Efreet Schneid

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Finally making an appearance, the Efreet Schneid, equipped with 14 heat darts, in 3D form!! From “MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM UC”. Equipped with 14 heat darts, has been made into a product for the RE/100 series. With characteristic armaments added, thoroughly replicate the MS body configuration! Heat Darts Realistically replicate the form of the short sword "heat darts", which can be used as throwing weapons. With this kit, it is even possible to equip each of the four darts for carrying onto the left and right shoulder armor, four darts onto the left arm, and two darts onto the back portion. Each of the heat darts can be dismantled. This product's 14 heat darts, 12 darts are for mounting, and two are for carrying for auxiliary use. The posted pictures are painted. Comes with the 180mm long large-scale weapon Giant Buzz, a weapon that supports long range attacks. Can be combined with special handheld parts. Thoroughly replicate the form of the MS!


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