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Premium Bandai MG 1/100 XXXG-01H Gundam Heavy Arms EW Egel Unit

Premium Bandai MG 1/100 XXXG-01H Gundam Heavy Arms EW Egel Unit

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Original armaments appearing in "Mobile Suit Gundam W Endless Waltz Glory of the Losers" Gundam Heavy Arms EW equipped with "Egel" is commercialized in the master grade series. The original armor `` Egel '' appearing in `` The Glory of the Losers '' is thoroughly reproduced with new modeling! An additional unit consisting of three parts: "weapon container", "additional missile pod", and "endless orbit" The characteristic hatch opening / closing mechanism and volume are reproduced based on settings. Mounted on both shoulders, there are a total of 12 container blocks on the front, back, and sides. All hatches can be opened and closed as set. Missile pod added to the leg. There is a launch port on the side, and the hatch can be opened and closed as set An endless track unit is installed to compensate for the mobility lost due to the increase in weight accompanying the addition of armament. Can be installed on the ground by deploying from the calf as set In addition, it can be deployed on the ground with high installation by rotating the connection base. Reproduce the impressive `` all gun gate open state '' even in the play! By deploying all the hatches, it is possible to reproduce the impressive all-arms open state in the play. Includes a water transfer decal designed by Hajime Katoki! 【Product Details】 Attached armed: Beam gatling, army knife, beam saber, shield, Egel set


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