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Bandai Full Mechanics 1/100 Raider Gundam

Bandai Full Mechanics 1/100 Raider Gundam

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Raider Gundam from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, an extremely popular series that celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2022, will be available as a transformable 1/100 scale FULL MECHANICS kit with new design elements and internal structures! Its sliding mechanisms and points of articulation enable the recreation of the transformation between MS Mode and MA Mode. The iconic Mjolnir weapon adopts a gimmick where its wire can be reeled in. A display base to display the kit in its MA Mode is also included. It can be combined with FULL MECHANICS 1/100 Calamity Gundam (sold separately) to recreate scenes from the series where Raider Gundam flies while carrying Calamity Gundam. Transformation into MA Mode! -The transformation of the head during MA Mode can be recreated due to linked mechanisms that work in conjunction. -The legs have multi-stage joints to recreate the transformation into MA Mode while maintaining a wide range of articulation. -The shoulder armor parts can be raised to reveal the internal Machine Cannon. The shoulder armor parts are folded after Machine Cannon is deployed, completing the transformation. -The shoulders have gimmicks that enable transformation into MA Mode without the need to exchange parts. Mjolnir - The wire section of Mjolnir is recreated using wire parts. The wire parts can be reeled into Mjolnir by turning the spikes on the left and right sides. A display base for Mjolnir is included to recreate combat scenes! Moving Claw Units -The axes in Claw Units move in each direction. Shield Cannons -Machine Cannon in the nose has a rising gimmick where it moves in conjunction when the hatch is opened. The weapon can be attached to the arms in MS Mode and on the shoulders when in MA Mode. The grip can be extended and the weapon can be gripped with the hands. -The Calamity Gundam (sold separately) combination parts can be attached to the Raider Gundam’s wings to recreate the riding state. Includes: Shield Cannon ×1, Mjolnir ×1, Mjolnir display base ×1, Support arm parts for MA mode display ×1, Calamity Gundam riding state recreation joint parts ×1 set, Stickers ×1, Foil stickers ×1, Wire ×1. Look for origin of shipment: Only items shipped from within North America are being sold by authorized U.S. Retailers. The product box will have a Bandai Namco warning label, which is proof that you are purchasing an officially licensed Bandai product, distributed by its sole and authorized distributor (Bandai Namco) for the U.S. Markets. This product has been thoroughly tested for safety and meets all North American consumer product safety regulations.

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